Our Vision

What we eat and drink is so much more to all of us than simply pleasure and sustenance, it dictates our overall wellness; it is the one true medicine and building block for the body, mind & soul.

At Alive Liquids we are dedicated to bringing high quality Functional Foods to all consumers.  We are hard at work creating small batch family-friendly pre-biotic and pro-biotic rich foods.  Refreshing drinks and cold-processed dressings made with wisdom and love. We want to share our vision and understanding of food and drink with you, through our products.

Our products are “ALIVE” with highly beneficial acids and yeasts, probiotics and vitamins. Free yourself from soybean oil, xanthan gum, fillers and stabilizers found in most products that line store shelves.  Now you can dress your salad with conscious choices -- tastefully -- guilt-free.

“The evolution of functional foods”